Bold Flavors.
Real Ingredients.
Wow Experience.

Perfect Desserts is a splurge-worthy line of delectable creations that allure with magnetic enthusiasm and guarantee quality and satisfaction. We provide bold, American flavor experiences.

About Us

Our desserts are served by restaurants, hotels, clubs, assisted living and retirement centers, hospitals, pubs, and delis across the Midwest. You can also find us in the bakery section of select retailers.

We are passionate about bold flavors and we are committed to quality. In order to provide the best products, we start with the finest ingredients. Our dairy is sourced locally and is always fresh. We cut and scrape real vanilla beans, creating an unbeatable aroma and flavor. Our chocolate desserts are made with quality Belgian chocolate.

We don’t take shortcuts. All of our creations are the Perfect Desserts!

Our Products

Our desserts are bombastic, bold, sinfully decadent—and worth every bite. We create an ideal balance of textures, flavors, and aromas with the finest fresh, ingredients.

Our gourmet desserts include:
~10-inch pre-sliced desserts
~Individually portioned desserts
~1/2 sheet cakes and bars
~Gluten-free cakes and bars
~No-sugar-added cakes and bars
~Cookie Dough Sandwiches


Many of our best selling desserts are gluten-free. Our primary goal is to create bold, unforgettable flavors. On our quest for a luscious chocolate dessert, we developed our Death by Chocolate recipe, a decadent indulgence that happens to be gluten-free!

As our journey for arresting flavors continued, our inventive creator redefined gluten-free decadence with his creation of flourless vanilla cake and flourless caramel cake, which anchor some of our other gluten-free desserts.

Homemade hot fudge, creamy ganache, flavored mousses, pastry cream and other hand-crafted layers complete the unforgettable tasting experiences.

We think you’ll agree that when you indulge in our gluten-free desserts, you aren’t sacrificing flavor and your cravings are sure to be satisfied!


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